Mobile Painting Parties

$200.00 (Deposit)

Want to do something on your location? We can set up an event for you! Includes travel, setup, art supplies, and instructions from one of the artworks in our library. At this time, we will need to use your tables and chairs, but will bring table covers.


COST: $45/person (10 guest minimum) invite up to 60 people

TRAVEL RANGE: within 30 miles of studio is no extra charge; events further away may have a reasonable travel fee added

PAYMENT: $200 deposit towards the balance, final payment due the day of the event based on final count.

HOW TO BOOK: (1) check availability with studio using the web-form (2) we will contact you if we are able to book and provide link for the deposit (3) after deposit is placed, you’re good to go!



Whats The Occcasion? * 

Event Time Frame * 

Events last about 2 hours

Estimated number of guests: * 

There is a 10 guest minimum to book a mobile event

Decide Your Artwork * 

Visit the Gallery Page and decide an image. Navigate back to this page and write the project name below, or write “choose later” if you are not sure.

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